High Moral Values


Strict moral Norms and high honesty  Standards is the milestone of International Legal Counseling, Attorneys at Law; these values represent the most  important aspects that give life to what today ILC is.

The members that conform this Law firm,  firmly believe on Justice and honesty as well as in each of our treats with our  clients, suppliers and government authorities. We make every effort day-in and  day-out to establish a dignify treat and transparent in our business  relationships thus as in our personal life. 


The ILC ethic  Code, among the most important includes the following premises:

  • Demonstrate  honesty in each business and legal Act
  • Make  transparent each legal act without trespassing our client’s privacy-secret  right
  • Keep records  and report duly accurately before our clients and government authorities
  • Fulfill with  the law, but if the moral value of ILC is higher than the law, then fulfill the  moral value even though this one is lower than the law
  • Fight for the  justice and defend the hopeless person
  • Make the Law  effective through the respective legal proceeding
  • Never give  presents or additional contributions to government authorities
  • Avoid all the  time the conflict of interests 

Righteousness and ethic legal management will always be ILC´s milestone in  our relationship with our clients, suppliers and federal/local authorities.

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