Legal Experience since 1947

"Theory is eventually assesinated by the Experience....... A. Einstein"


International Legal Counseling  represents  the culmination of a dream which initiated 50 years ago,  when its Founder finished his professional career at the National  Autonomous University of Mexico ( )after years of effort and  dedication, later he left a guide of justice and equity to his sons and daughters.  

They now, together with talented partners continue with the same tradition of  providing legal services to companies and business people that aim to make  business in Mexico  and abroad.     


Mexican and foreign companies trust on ILC  members´ honesty, discipline and results-oriented work.

The experience and talent of the professionals, who are part of this  firm, definitively guarantee confidence and juridical security.

Do you need real attorneys at law or fake legal professionals?

Do not risk your Business or your family assets under any circumstance, call us right now and a competent honest Lawyer will assist you within the area of your concern.