Tailored Legal Services


Our clients are characterized by the high-oriented  results and the extreme attention on details, aspects that consolidate their  activities within the appropriate legal frame.

Globalization in businesses today, has made companies,  business man and women evolved constantly, therefore they are always searching  the best alternatives to facilitate their business activities in a competitive  environment.


International Legal Counseling Attorneys at Law, gets involved  personally in each case and process of our clients businesses throughout  preventive counseling or taking the necessary steps for any particular case,  achieving the clients’ confidence and fulfill their main objective: success in  business and the appropriate legal frame appliance of his/her Organization!

Ask about our various schemes of attention  and select the most appropriate for your organization:

  1. Monthly  Fee
  2. Case  Fee
  3. Hourly  Fee
  4. Comissions                              

Make sure we  will tailor the required Legal Service according to your needs.