Regional Legal Services from one place: México

Nuestro Servicio Legal Regional desde un solo lugar: México


International Legal Counseling Attorneys, provides to all its clients a  full control of all their business and legal matters from Mexico to all the Latino American Region, this means the only one contact in Mexico for the  entire region giving you flexibility, results-oriented scheme and  time-money savings.

 The Regional service includes among some other services:


  • Legal Representation for foreign clients in Mexico & Latam
  • Analysis and Advice of the Legal scheme to be implemented
  • Coordination of all your legal matters in Mexico & Latam
  • Start up of new Business projects
  • EXPERT-proven control of all Legal matters in México and LATAM
  • One simple report on your Desk 
  • Warnings before a Legal matter becomes critical
  • Regional Auditings of all the Counselors in LATAM
  • Investigations
  • Compliance

The experience of our associates as In-house lawyers and as external  lawyers in multinational companies allows the possibility of having  completely control all your juridical matters in Latino America from only one country:  México. (Latam Regional Legal Service/ LRLS).

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You do not have to contact one lawyer in each LATAM Country, we act as you inhouse legal counsel from one single place: México. 

We will be responsible for all your legal matters in Latino America!