Corporate Legal Matters - Derecho Corporativo

 The advice on this area includes the  respective legal Auditing to legal entities, in order to determine the adequate  legal scheme of Mexican identities; the respective legal proposal  includes the correct form in which any legal entities should be operating  within the Mexican & Latino America laws and provisions.

 Our specialty on this area of  practice is focused on:

  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Minutes of Articles
  • Power of attorneys
  • Due-Diligence Acquisitions
  • Corporate Legal Auditing of each legal entity
  • The firm also studies the appropriate  strategy for Mergers and Spin-offs
  • Acquistion of Shares
  • Consolidations
  • Mergers
  • Spin-offs
  • Corporate Litigation before Civil Courts
  • Liquidations
  • Specialized Corporate Litigation ( Shareholders - Conflicts)
  • Corporate Government
  • Fiscal Schemes for Transnational Companies in Mexico and LATAM

Set up of new corporate entities in Mexico and LATAM:

              - Limited Liability Companies

              - Stock Corporations

              - Simplified Share Companies

              - General Partnership

              - Civil Associations

              - Civil Partnerships

              - Multi-Purpose Financial Company

              - FIBRAS

              - Sofoles




We have an expert group of Corporate and International Business  Lawyers licensed to practice in Mexico  and capable to implent the Management of your legal requirements in Latino  America and Caribbean.

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Complex Corporate & Commercial Matters


Specialized Contracts for different Industries and Sectors


Solid and vast knowledge in International CONTRACTS:

  •  Contracts and the International  environment
  • International Sales Merchandise  Contracts and Commercial Incoterms
  • Precise contractual clauses
  • Merchandise Sales Offer
  • Good Agreement Letter
  • Purchase Order
  • Conditional Sale Agreement
  • Consulting Contract
  • Sales Representative Contract
  • Franchise Contract
  • Distribution Contract
  • Consignment Contract
  • Licence Agreement, etc.

Among many other types of contracts that are necessary to implement and guarantee the legal security of both enterprise and individual   assets.

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Immigration Lawyers



Our service in this area provides legal advice on all  aspects related to Immigration of executives, business people and  entrepreneurs who demand fast reaction to acquire the necessary immigration  status according to the Mexican provisions. We  elaborate a precise process and a preventive report to make sure that all  permits are duly renewed within the specific periods stated by law.

We also make the arrangements to obtain USA, Australia and Latino America  Visas.

We conduct and control the entire process to  expatriate personnel and employees of our clients to have legal access to the  Mexican territory or to any part in the world.

- Immigration  Status modification 

- Immigration Characteristic Modification 

- Visitor non-immigrant Visa 

- Authentification 

- Extension Document  

- New permanent extension Document 

- Tourist Extension Document FMT (Turista) 

- Activity modification or extension 

- Entrance or exit permit 

- Enterprise modification 

- Enterprise inactive modification 

- Definitive exit permit 

- Immigration document cancellation 

- Marriage with Mexican citizen in a foreign country permit 

- Entrance to the country permit.



Our Lawyers will shield ALL your Intellectual Property !!!

Trademark & Patent Lawyers

 Industrial Property. Trademarks &  Patents

The exercise of this area is focused on:  Trademarks search, trademark registrations and renewals, patents and commercial  names, utility models. A precise control is conducted in order to guarantee  trademarks and patents maintenance, in México and for the entire region of  Latam/ Caribbean.

A comprehensive report is sent to our  clients, which includes:  trademarks and patents step-by-step  registrations before the Trademark offices, as well as a diligent Watch Notice  system that monitors the trademark applications of third parties, applications  that could have high similarity with the registered trademarks of our clients  (International Trademark Watch Notice- ITWN).

The firm elaborates, revises, evaluates  and registers any Trademark Licence of Use, Distribution and Agency contracts.Commercial investigations of products and  trademarks throughout the Mexican territoriesNullity Actions, Cancellation or  infringement proceedings before the Trademark Office, including High Courts.

  • Trademark, Patents, Industrial designs registrations in Mexico and in 165 countries around the world
  • Initial Searching
  • Multi-jurisdictional knowledge
  • Oppositions and cancellations proceedings
  • Trademark Treaties & Agreements
  • Customs & Counterfeit
  • Business Transactions
  • IP Litigation and Administrative Proceedings
  • Anti-Dumping Proceedings
  • Franchises
  • Civil, Criminal and administrative IP Proceedings
  • Liquidated Damages Collections  
  • Negotiating IP Contracts
  • IP and Security Agreements


We implement the protection of copyright before the respective authorities, we follow-up the legal proceedings and we duly conduct a detailed report to the client of each particular case.

- Reserved Rights

- License of use registration

- Computer programs protection

- Copyright Litigation


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